Patchwork techniques


Dreamer! In today’s post, we will show you some patchwork techniques to inspire you and achieve amazing projects with them.

First, let’s talk about Patchwork in general; it’s a super nice technique where you take advantage of any piece or remnant of fabric you have.

Patchwork is an ancient technique where remnants of fabric are joined to form a bigger block.

Different styles have been developed with this technique, all with a particular attractiveness.

Here we show you 7 patchwork techniques and styles.

Bargello patchwork technique


The Bargello design, is a type of quilt design in which the blocks are so designed that it looks like waves of colors going up and down. Incredible right?


Now, to achieve the Bargello result, the fabrics must be of one color in different shades and two or three fabrics of another color in different shades.

Basically, with this type of quilt you can create a variety of shapes.

Baltimore patchwork technique

Secondly, the Baltimore Patchwork originated in Baltimore, Maryland, in the 1840s. These have become one of the most popular styles of quilts and are still made today.


In this technique each block has been appliqued with a different design.

The designs are often floral but many other motifs are also used.

Also, they have a background of white and incorporate many primary colors such as reds, greens, and blues.

Chain piecing technique

In this thechnique, you insert the next units to be sewn under the presser foot of your sewing machine as soon as a unit already in the sewing machine clears the needle.


Explicitly, is an easy way of stitching patchwork pieces for a quilt.

You will feed the fabric pieces one by one without cutting the thread in between, which is time-consuming with this method.

Charm quilt technique


In general, charm quilts are a type of scrap patchwork technique with lots of different fabrics.

Although some are usually repeated in a remnant quilt’s layout.

But when quilters make a charm quilt, no fabric is used more than once in the canvas.


Sometimes quilters use a fabric twice by flipping one of the patches over to reverse the front.

Charm quilts have been famous since at least the 1800s, so you’ll find many examples when you view displays of vintage quilts.

And you can try these techniques to put your leftover remnants of fabric to good use by making a gorgeous charm quilt.

Crazy quilt technique


The term “crazy quilting” is often used to refer to the textile art of crazy patchwork!


It’s applied to a specific type of patchwork that lacks the repeats of patterns.

A crazy quilt rarely has the internal layer of batting that is part of what defines quilting as a textile technique.

This free design technique uses more exotic textiles such as velvet, satin, tulle, or silk.

The seams or patches can be decorated with ribbons, buttons, laces, pearls, or embroidery.

Italian quilting technique

Have you heard about italian quilting? let’s look the essentials you should know.


This is a quilting style with double stitching lines, and it is stitched only on the quilt top with a backing underneath (a thin foundation fabric.)

In this case, a cording is inserted through the double lines.

Paper piecing technique


Undoubtedly, you will love this technique to join small pieces with great precision.


This name is used to describe patches that are sewn directly onto a paper template.

This fun patchwork technique of sewing on paper is used to create exact pieces despite how small they may be.

The term paper piecing became popular because many of the templates used to sew a quilt are printed on paper bases.

Get ready to practice them!

We hope this patchwork post that we share will serve as a complement to work the technique.

And provide you with some ideas that will help you show all your creativity when making this type of projects.

Thanks for reading us. Remember to visit our Quilting and Patchwork category and inspire you to start sewing!

See you in the following post! Bye for now!

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