Sewing machine Práctik 9 by Alfa


Dreamer, in today’s post, we will talk to you about the Práctik 9 sewing machine by Alfa.

It’s a mechanical machine and ideal for adding to your sewing room. Its functions will help you to make from minor repairs on your garment rack to advanced sewing projects

With the Práctik 9, you could create without limits!

This incredible machine is totally equipment with 34 stitch options:

One-step buttonhole, lockstitch, overlock, blind stitch, decorative scallop stitches, waves, double and triple reinforced lockstitch, decorative cross stitch, and a wide variety of special stitches for stretch fabrics.

In this model, as in the whole Práctik line, we can find the soft touch stitch selectors, which are very easy to use, and with them, you can choose each of the different stitches

As well as regulate the length (0-4 mm) and width (0 to 5 mm) of all the stitches. 

These adjustments will help you create fantastic projects in various fabrics.


Alfa is Europe’s leading sewing machine manufacturer and has therefore paid attention to every detail of the Práctik 9, integrating six rows of feed dogs and high power to allow for one-step buttonhole sewing.

In addition, it also has a thread cutter, threader, and automatic bobbin winder, which makes threading and filling bobbins of thread easier.

The white LED light is long-lasting and improves visibility so that our workspace has the perfect light.

This sewing machine has everything to make you dare to work with fabrics such as lycra and knitted, thin, and thick flat fabrics.

Create without limits!

The needle plate is graduated on both sides of the presser foot; these indications help you to measure distances without any problem.

At the same time, it will make more accessible the operations in your sewing projects like applying decorative seams, and you will save time when doing basic sewing operations.

The Práctik 9 has a free arm that makes it easy to turn up hems, place cuffs, and close tubular pieces.


If you want to take a leap and expand your sewing possibilities, whether you work from home, have a sewing workshop, or are just starting to study fashion design, the Alfa Práctik 9 is the sewing machine you need.

We suggest purchasing this fantastic sewing machine.

When you buy this sewing machine, you will find an included accessory kit for quickly making basic sewing projects.


  • Protective cover
  • User’s manual in English
  • Standard foot
  • Quilting guide
  • Closing foot
  • 1-step buttonhole presser foot
  • Button foot
  • Bobbins or spools
  • One pack of needles
  • Cover for covering the feed dog
  • Screwdriver
  • Small brush with an unpicker tool or button opener
  • A small bottle of oil.

If you live in Mexico, you can check it out with our friends at Casa Diaz; when you buy it, they offer you a five-year direct warranty, plus payment up to 12 months interest-free with participating credit cards and free shipping to your home.

To finish this post, and before we say goodbye, we ask you to share with us in the comments what was the function you liked the most or if you have any doubts about the Práctik 9, and we will be happy to help you.

See you in another post! Bye for now!

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