Proportion and balance when dressing


Dreamer, in today’s post, we will show you some tips for dressing according to your silhouette by proportion and balance. Continue reading to know the details.

Proportion refers to the relationship between the different parts of a design, and in garments, it can be seen in the structure, colors, and prints.

Although there aren’t strict rules when dressing in the fashion world, we share some suggestions for using proportion to fit your silhouette.

Let's know how to achieve that

Size of the print:

We will give you an example with the basic checkered print; we suggest that the dimensions of the squares should be according to the volume of your figure.

This serves as a resource to balance the proportions visually. And it also applies to other prints, such as flowers, dots, or lines.

  • If you have a petite figure, you will be favored for prints, pleats, lines and tiny details.
  • A more voluminous body will look better with details in proportion to the body.

Orientation and direction:

Prints are a clear example of how the direction or orientation gives meaning to our outfit, helping to highlight our silhouette.

If you want to add volume to any part of your body, we suggest you wear a print with horizontal stripes.

That is to say, if you’re going to widen your hips wear a skirt with thick lines.

We will also talk about vertical stripes; these lines are perfect for lengthening the silhouette and adding some centimeters of height.

  • Find a balance between prints and body proportions; balance it by using size and color to your advantage.

Cuts that fit your silhouette:

Another tip that you can use for sure; is to play with the contrast between light and dark colors to give different visual effects in your silhouette.

If you wear a dress with a black center and white sides, it will help you stylize and lengthen your figure.

You can also look for a dress with colored cuts that generate an hourglass figure.

If you want to elongate your torso, you can use a dress with a V-neckline, and to look even more stylized, arms, long sleeves, and contrast between black and white will be your allies.

  • Use contrast between color and shape; visually positively alter your proportions.

As you can see, these tricks are perfect for visually highlighting your silhouette; playing with proportion and color is easy.

Don’t doubt and consider these tips in your next outfit to achieve the best proportion and balance when dressing.

Also, here we leave you the link to our Design and Fashion category for more ideas like this.

We hope this post has liked you so much. See you in another and bye for now!

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