Qipao: Chinese dressing


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The Qipao it’s made up of several elements that make it an exceptional piece for brides to wear on their wedding day.

Check some facts below.


First, we will tell you its origin… Qipao dates back to 1664 when the Qing dynasty implemented the administrative system of “flags” (qí) to govern their domains, and the villagers were known as qiran or “flag people.”


At this time, men and women wore collarless tubular dresses that became known as “qipao” or flag dress.


This garment became popular in the 30s, thanks to the fact that since a decade ago, life in Shanghai was a mixture of Japanese and Europeans.

The combination of styles led to the transformation of the qipao as a tight-fitting garment that highlighted the female body.


Today, the Qipao has different elements that characterize it and may be present in its design.


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