Quilting terms you should know


Dreamer, if you like Patchwork and Quilting, don’t miss this publication because we will tell you about the essential words and terms you should know and master to become an expert in this technique.

1. Block

Unit consisting of fabric pieces sewn together to form a design.


2. Layout

How the blocks of a quilt are placed can change the overall design of the quilt.

3. Backside

The fabric used for the bottom layer of the quilt.

4. Quilting

Sewing through three layers: main fabric, filler layer, and backside; creating a design with the stitching to add texture and fix the layers.

5. Bias

Is the 45° diagonal of a fabric canvas. Strips of fabric are cut at 45° to the longitudinal and transversal thread of the fabric, which gives it greater flexibility to adapt to corners and curved areas.

6. Bound

Bound is a quilting term that refers to a design formed by piecing together long strips of fabric, which are basted together and cut crosswise to create a single design.

7. Valance

Strips of fabric form a frame around the right side of the quilt and can be of one or several pieces.

8. Strips

Add strips that separate and frame the blocks in a quilt and can help widen or increase your quilt size.

9. Quarter yard

It’s a piece of fabric with a measurement equal to 18″ x 22″ equivalent to ¼ of a one-yard canvas.


9. Acid-free materials

Paper products, cardboard tubes, and boxes made for fabric storage don’t contain chemicals, which prevent them from weakening and destroying the fabric over time.

10. Remnants

A technique in which different pieces of fabric are cut and sewn together to form a larger unit or block.

10. Band remnants

Design is formed by piecing together long strips of fabric, which are basted together and cut crosswise to create a single design.

11. Without template

Method of cutting out pieces using a ruler as a guide instead of a template.

12. Template

Pattern made of plastic or cardboard used to trace cutting or sewing lines on the fabric.

13. Filling

A layer of material in the quilt’s center provides thickness and warmth.


14. Upholstery.

Corresponds to the thickness and elasticity of the filling material.

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If you know another essential quilting term, don’t doubt it and tell us.

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