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Dreamer, in today’s post, we will tell you about a fantastic tool, the Ruler Grip by Omnigrid, and how to use it.

We are sure this tool will significantly help your patchwork and quilting projects.

This is one of the most practical tools for cutting when you do quilting, patchwork, or handicrafts because it allows you to hold the rulers securely.

While cutting with the rotary cutter, there is no danger of missing your fingers or hands, which are your most important working tool!


This #Omnigrid branded accessory allows a better grip and handling of the ruler.

It’s a perfect addition to your craft or sewing kit.

Thanks to its two large suction cups with locking and release levers for better grip.

We suggest you use it with rulers or templates of at least 2.25 inches in diameter.


Instructions for use:

  • Lift both black levers to release the suction cups.
  • Place the handle of the ruler against the surface.
  • Gently press down while lowering the levers.
  • Place the ruler or cutting templates and press down on the handle to hold the ruler in place.
  • To remove, lift both levers and slide your finger under the suction cups to break the seal.
Definitively we love this tool. We hope you will enjoy this post and its information.
If you are in México, you can purchase this Ruler Grip with our friends at Casa Díaz. Here we leave you the link to their online store.

Check this video tutorial we prepared for you to follow the steps to use it easily!

Thank you very much for reading.

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