Perfect seam allowances – SA583 sewing guide


Dreamer! in today’s post, we will show you how to achieve perfect seam allowances using the SA583 sewing guide by Liv’s brand!

This time we want to share this ideal accessory for getting perfect seam allowances, with straight seams and without complications.

To achieve this, we use the SA583 sewing guide by the Liv brand.

It’s a tool ideal for domestic sewing machines, and we assure you this will be one of your favorites.


To illustrate, here we share a video.

This is a little video because the SA583 sewing guide is super easy to use, and the better is that it’s compatible with almost all domestic sewing machines.

After you sew the video, please share your opinion and tell us how you apply each of this guide’s measures.

This guide has options for selecting the 3 most used measures when sewing.

The measures are used in different kinds of sewing projects:

  • ¼” is ideal for making patchwork projects
  • ½” y ⅝” are very common measures for sewing seam allowances in garments and creative sewing projects.

If you are starting in the sewing world, we recommend you so much you purchase this accessory.

Because, in this way, you will always have a guide that you can put on the fabric edge.

It will help to avoid trouble with all the marks the needle plate has in your sewing machine.


Another thing we like about this guide is that you can use it with other decorative stitches presser feet.

And for placing it, you only need to adjust the screw; it’s super easy to set and remove… and it’s super resistant.

Also, here we share this other post on our blog, where you can find another accessory for making perfect straight seams.


6-in-1 stick n’ stitch guide

Thank you so much for reading and watching us. We hope you liked this post and that it will significantly help you in your sewing projects!

See you next time! Bye for now!

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