Tips for sewing denim on a domestic sewing machine


How do you sew denim? Dreamer, here we leave these tips that can help you do projects when sewing denim on a domestic sewing machine. Check the details below.

In this post, we will tell you some helpful hacks for getting easy when using denim fabrics on your sewing projects.

Let's start with these easy tips.

User manual


Before starting sewing, we recommend you read your sewing machine’s user manual, which is not all machines can sew several layers of denim or thick fabrics.

Right needle

It would help if you used the correct needle, such as the Schmetz Jeans needles, especially for twill, gabardine, and denim fabrics.

Stitch length

In your sewing machines, adjust the stitch length for long stitch sewing. You can help with the user’s manual.

Thick thread


At this point, we recommend you use thick thread; we use the twisted thread by Gutermann for these projects.

Silicone mallet & nail file


If necessary, use a silicone mallet to flatten thick seams and a nail file to help sew the thick seams.

Dreamer, we assure you that if you follow these tips, you will be able to sew your sewing denim projects easily. 

We hope the information we prepared for you has liked you so much.

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See you in another post. Bye for now!

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