Sewing elements for children’s garments


If you start making children’s clothes, here are some sewing elements you can add to children’s garments to make them more attractive.

Even if we use a basic model and a plain fabric, and the result will be very striking.

Remember that to make this kind of garment, you can combine different colors and textures to make them more attractive for children.

You can find detailed descriptions on our other posts and the steps to place the applications we suggest here.

Let's start to know them!

1. Smock

Machine or hand technique with gathers that give the garments a flare and embellish them; you can use it to decorate cuffs, yokes, bodies, bags, and waistbands.


2. Tucks

Small folds of fabric sewn either full length or just a fraction of the length adds a point of interest to your garments.


3. Gathers

Are pleats marked on the fabric by hand or machine, decorate, and add volume.


4. Pleats

Pleats folded in one direction or symmetrically across the front or back of the fabric and give garment amplitude.


5. Applique

Sew small sections creating shapes with color and texture, applying them to garments with decorative or zigzag stitches.


6. Ruffles

They enhance your projects and can be easily created with geometric shapes to obtain different drapes on the fabric.


These are some sewing elements for children’s garments you can start to apply; write in the box comments if you know or if you are made some of these details in the garments that you have confectioned.

Visit our All about sewing category for you to know each of the elements here we have been telling you on this post.

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