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Welcome back, Dreamers! in today’s post, we’re giving you several tips for sewing perfect curves! You can’t miss this post!

In addition, we have prepared a video tutorial to make it easier for you to follow our steps.

Let's start preparing our perfect curves

You need:



This accessory will help you increase the usable working area.

At the same time, sewing keeps the fabric smooth and wrinkle-free, even when working with several layers of fabric.

The weight is distributed by having the fabric spread out so that the machine does not require extra effort when advancing the fabric.

It’s very versatile as you can adjust the height of the legs.

And when you are not using it, you can store it in small spaces thanks to its folding legs.

The extension we show you in the image is for ALFA brand machines when using it you will have a surface of 40.5 × 33.5 cm.

Step 1


Step 2

Here is the video with the process, where you will see how easy it’s to achieve this task.

Always remember that practice makes perfect.

Therefore, we have prepared for you a step-by-step practice exercise so that you can improve your curves in your following sewing projects.


Print your templates, make several copies of each one.

And sew on the dotted line directly on the paper with your machine.

Use your needle without thread and sew with long straight stitch two and low speed to better control the movements in each curve. 

In this way, your needle will mark on the sheet leaving tiny holes exactly where you sew, so you can see how close or precise you stitched.



Mark and cut two pieces from each of the templates.

You can use fabric patchwork, face right to right, sew with straight stitch length 2, leave a section without sewing, and cut the marked notches.

Flip the piece over the opening you left; Close and backstitch to practice sewing one more time.

Repeat the seams’ exercises that cost you more work as many times as you consider necessary to improve your seams, and then tell us how you are doing with your practices.

And finally, here is another entry we prepared to make curves with other types of accessories.

We hope you will try these tips we made for you and start improving your sewing skills until you become an expert.

If you know of more tips like this, please share them with the Dreamer community in the comments box below.

See you in another post… and bye for now!

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