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Dreamer we have recently used the Singer machines from the Making The Cut edition and today we want to tell you in detail the features of the 3 machines that make it up and that are focused on meeting the needs of the aspiring designer.


This Singer Making The Cut edition includes: a sewing machine, an overlock machine, and a steam iron. And the whole line can be identified by the blue color of its casings.

This tone seems to us unique and super cute, sure to stand out among the things in your sewing workshop.

Another important detail is that if you live in Mexico, this line is only available from our friends at Casa Diaz.

They will transform your sewing projects, to give a professional finish to all your creations and take them to the next level.

Now, let's take a look at the details of each of the machines in the making the cut edition.

Steam Craft Plus 2.0 Iron Making The Cut Edition

This iron does a thorough and detailed job; be amazed by all its features.

This wonderful iron is designed to make your ironing sessions smoother and easier than ever.

Its stainless steel soleplate is highly resistant and slides smoothly over the fabric, allowing you to iron evenly and effectively.

In addition, the iron has five temperature levels available, to suit the different types of fabrics you can work with.

You can select the ideal temperature using the digital temperature control button, which reaches its maximum temperature in just 45 seconds.

You can iron several garments without having to refill its 300 ml water container.

  • Which has a filler cap that prevents water from spilling out of the water tank.

The water in the iron helps you to spray cold water directly on the clothes.

And its anti-drip system prevents water from spilling out of the steam holes, even at low temperatures.


It has an 1800 watt power capacity for efficient heating and increased steam production that provides a constant flow and powerful steam blowout.

  • Especially for working with fabrics that wrinkle easily.

Best of all, if you’re making delicate fabrics, as suits that require special care, the vertical steam function will make your job easier.

Even curtains and bedspreads or larger fabrics will have wrinkle-free surfaces with this wonderful iron.

As if that weren’t enough, it also integrates dry ironing that allows you to iron without water or steam.

Other useful features include:

  • Anti-calc system: prevents the accumulation of calcium and other materials in the steam ducts.
  • Self-cleaning system: Allows the iron to be cleaned by pressing a single button to expel any impurities or calcium residue.
  • To help save energy, it also includes a built-in ECO energy saving system.
  • You will know when your iron is ready to use thanks to its visual alerts once it reaches the desired temperature.
  • Automatic shut-off that activates after 30 minutes of inactivity in vertical position and after only 30 seconds in horizontal or inclined position.
  • 3.6 meter wire and in addition, its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and efficient ironing experience.

M3330 Domestic sewing machine Making The Cut Edition

Enjoy perfection in every detail of your sewing projects thanks to this machine that has many functions to apply on different fabrics.

It’s a portable sewing machine that can be placed on any flat surface. It has metal structure, which makes it sturdy and stable while sewing.

It has 23 different types of stitches that can be used for both practical and decorative purposes.

  • The stitch selector is user friendly and shows a clear illustration of each stitch.

Stitches and selectors

While the stitch length selector helps you choose the ideal stitch length for your project, the stitch width selector ensures that your stitch widths are properly matched for each task.

In addition, the tension regulator allows you to manually adjust the thread tension, depending on the fabric you are working with.

The one-step buttonhole function is fast and accurate, automatically measuring and sewing a perfect buttonhole in one step.

The “free-arm” feature makes it easy to sew sleeves, cuffs and other tube-shaped garments.

You can finish your seams using the reverse lever.

And with two needle positions, you can sew a variety of seams, from button placement to topstitching.


This machine is equipped with vertical bobbin and horizontal bobbin holder system that ensures the thread is unwound evenly, resulting in high quality stitches.

Also, an automatic thread winder that quickly fills the bobbin with thread by sliding the bobbin winder to the right.

The features of this machine will enhance your sewing experience.

  • Automatic presser foot pressure adjustment allows for trouble-free sewing on a variety of fabric thicknesses.
  • The easy threading guide ensures that the thread is threaded quickly and correctly.
  • Plus you can thread the needle quickly and easily with the automatic threader.
  • The side thread cutter eliminates the need for scissors.
  • And the Stay BrightTM LED light illuminates the sewing area brightly and constantly.

With all these features and functions, we are sure you will be able to work efficiently.

S0230 Domestic Overlock Machine Making The Cut Edition

Have you already heard about the Singer S0230 portable overlock machine?

It’s a sturdy machine thanks to its internal metal structure that provides excellent resistance and stability during sewing.

Its main feature is that it makes an overlock stitch while cutting the edge.

Also the free arm facilitates the sewing of sleeves and cuffs and has the option to make a manual adjustment of the foot pressure.

It’s a very useful function to adapt according to the thickness of the fabric.


This machine has a stitch width selector with which you can adjust the width of the cutting edge according to your needs.

The stitch length selector also offers several options for you to sew different types of fabrics and perform various tasks.

It has a differential feed regulator, which can be used for various functions such as pleating and sewing on different types of fabrics.


The machine also features a thread guide to help prevent threads from tangling before threading and while sewing.

It has 4 manually adjustable tension dials with color-coded guides to match the type of fabric being used.

With the variations of settings you will be able to create different stitches.

Don’t worry if you see too many threads, inside the cover of the machine you will find the step-by-step threading information.

We also really liked the easy threading guide for the lower hook, which effectively makes the whole threading job easier.

The machine has a safety switch to control the moving blade and prevent sewing when the cover is open.


It has an accessory separator that helps produce a fine finish with two threads.

In addition, the LED light illuminates your workspace.

And the manual presser foot pressure gauge adjusts the foot according to the thickness of the fabric.

The base has four suction cups to keep it fixed and secure on a table or desk.

The machine operates on 120V electrical current with a frequency of 60Hz. Also has a superior sewing speed of up to 1,300 stitches per minute.

We hope you liked these Singer machines from the Making The Cut edition.

And if you decide to buy them we would love to know your experience, we are always open to read your comments or suggestions.

If you want to see more tutorials or ideas for using your machines, we invite you to check our All about my sewing machine category.

Thank you for visiting our blog. See you in another post! And… bye for now!

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