Skull gloves for Halloween


Dreamer! Isn’t your Halloween costume done yet? In today’s post, we will show you a step-by-step on how to do skull gloves for Halloween as a DIY project!

Achieve this project using your Scan n Cut and Siser textile vinyl.

We will do this project in 2 parts:

  • First, the vinyl cut with the Scan N Cut and the placement with the iron.
  • Then, we will make the cut of the fabric and the sewing with our domestic machine.

Now it’s time to prepare the materials you will use:


20in of mesh fabric; we use black color, but you can choose your favorite color and another medium-stretch fabric as tulle.


Thread of the color of your fabric


Stretch needle


Textile vinyl; this project was made with the Purple berry color by Siser, and we recommend you use the special vinyl for stretch fabrics on the color of your preference.


Vinyl Easyweeder tool


Scan n Cut


Rotary cutter






Non-stick paper




Domestic sewing machine


The downloadable templates



The cutting file will be downloaded as “Skull gloves vinyl”, find it in your download files and double-click to unzip the “skull gloves vinyl template.svg” file.

This is the one you should load on the USB.


Now let's start!

Step 1

Load your file into the Scan n cut, and click on recover data. Select the USB option and select the file you downloaded.

We work with this file in illustrator, but if you prefer, you can set it up directly in Brother’s CANVA program, or, if you do it as we do, just export it as .SVG

Step 2

Click OK and edit the size.

Step 3

Select the size to approximate 224mm x 105mm, click OK and then duplicate, to have the left and right hand.

Skull-gloves-for-halloween-edit-the size

Put in mirror mode and move the second piece.

Step 4

Cut an approximate 10” section of textile vinyl, align it to the edge of the Scan n cut mat, and remove all bubbles.


Remember that the shiny side of the vinyl is the side that faces the adhesive surface of the mat.

Step 5

Load the mat into the scan n cut and select OK.

Then click on select and finally select the CUT option.

Now let the Scan n cut work

Step 6

Once finished, remove the mat and carefully peel off the vinyl.

Then peel the vinyl with the help of your Easyweeder.

Step 7

Fold the mesh fabric in half and mark the gloves pattern over, leaving 2 cm at the edge.

Step 8

Center the vinyl on the piece of fabric and check that it fits properly.


Step 9

Flip the pattern over and repeat the procedure for the other hand.


Mark the pattern


Center the vinyl and place it on the fabric

Step 10

To iron, place the paper between the two fabrics and over the vinyl.

Use a domestic iron and set to a temperature of 150° without steam or set it with the cotton option.


Apply medium pressure for 10 to 15 seconds.

Step 11

Remove the vinyl film and repeat the procedure with the other glove.


Place the paper between the fabrics


Iron 10-15 seconds


Remove the vinyl film

Step 12

Place a square of the same fabric over the vinyl, line up the glove pattern again, pin and sew on your domestic sewing machine.

At this point you should sew the fabric together with the paper along the guide line.

Step 13

Cut the excess fabric all around the edge with your rotary cutter.

Step 14

To finish, just carefully remove the paper from the fabric and then turn your gloves inside out.

It's done!


We hope you enjoyed this project and give it a try! You can adapt the colors of the skull gloves with your halloween costume.

If you don’t have a Scan n Cut, here we leave you this post on our blog where you will find the details of this amazing machine.

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