Slash cutter for chenille quilting


Dreamer, have you heard about the slash cutter by Clover for chenille quilting projects? In this post, we will show you how to use it. Continue reading to know the details.

We will introduce you to the details of the chenille quilting and the accessory to achieve it. Ready?

Let's to know how about Chenille quilting

This type of quilt is straightforward to make; it’s made by placing multiple layers of fabric and several bias seams at 45º on a base fabric.

Firstly the seams of all the layers are cut except the bottom layer or base fabric, which should be left uncut.

Then should be washed, and finally, the layers of fabric of the openings are shown between the seams.

This is an easy-to-do technique. We particularly love it.

And now, the fun part… you can use the Clover slash cutter to make it!

Slash Cutter by Clover

In fact, this slash cutter for chenille quilting, is an excellent tool because it has two interchangeable guides:


One of the guides is used to cut in a straight line; in addition, the other guide is shorter and can be used to cut in curved or wavy lines in a super easy and quick way.

In this case, both guides are 6 mm wide, but its version of 8mm exists.

To use the slash cutter, first, insert the guide between two sewing lines, then push forward, and finally, the fabric will be cut as you go.

Its design is comfortable and safe because it’s specially designed to work with this quilting technique; for this reason, we recommend you to use it in your projects.

To illustrate, we share the following step-by-step video that we prepared for you, so we hope it will help you understand a little more the procedure to make this beautiful technique.

We hope you liked today’s post a lot and that you start applying it to your quilting projects as soon as possible, and we assure you that you will love the technique.

Finally, don’t forget to leave us your results in the comments. See you in the next post. Bye for now!

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