Candy pincushion – DIY project

Dreamer! Today, we will show you how to sew a candy pincushion as a DIY project by using fabric scraps. We hope you enjoy this project. For this project, you will use a few materials. Which are: A fabric rectangle (7” x 6”) Fabric scarps or synthetic filling Scissors Pins Thread The standard foot ofContinue reading “Candy pincushion – DIY project”

DIY Stenciled pillowcase

Welcome back, Dreamer! In this post, we’ll show you how to make a DIY stenciled pillowcase step-by-step. So please try this lovely and easy DIY project! We hope you will enjoy it! We will do this project with a decoration technique achieved with a template or stencil and textile paint. Let’s learn a little moreContinue reading “DIY Stenciled pillowcase”

5 tips for making pompoms

Dreamer, today we will give you 5 tips for making pompoms, which are straightforward and versatile decorative elements to make. You can use them in holiday decorations, knitted garments, or crafts; you can put them anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you use specialized tools or cardboard templates; sometimes, the result is not what you expect.Continue reading “5 tips for making pompoms”

Keep your cutting boards in perfect condition

Dreamer! today we present some simple tips to care for your cutting boards and keep them in optimal conditions. Our work tools are an excellent investment; taking care of them helps us extend their useful life and keep them in our workshop for longer. Tip 1 Rotate it periodically and use the back of yourContinue reading “Keep your cutting boards in perfect condition”

ScanNCut SDX225 by Brother

Dreamer, if you like to make all kinds of crafts, the Scan N Cut SDX225 by Brother is the perfect tool for you; learn more about it below. The Scan N Cut SDX225 allows you to cut a wide variety of materials up to 3 mm thick. You can’t imagine the infinite number of thingsContinue reading “ScanNCut SDX225 by Brother”