How to square patchwork fabrics

Dreamers and patchwork lovers, we have for you a tip that you should apply before cutting the pieces of your blocks, in this post we will to show you how to square the patchwork fabrics to get the best results in each of your projects. To start you must wash and iron the fabric youContinue reading “How to square patchwork fabrics”

Best fabrics for babies’ garments

Dreamer, the post of today we will dedicate to the babies… here we tell you about the best fabrics for babies garments. It’s essential to dress or cover your baby the best way. The important thing is that it’s comfortable and warm. Babies have sensitive skin and can’t regulate their temperatures. So this should beContinue reading “Best fabrics for babies’ garments”

Tips for sewing denim on a domestic sewing machine

How do you sew denim? Dreamer, here we leave these tips that can help you do projects when sewing denim on a domestic sewing machine. Check the details below. In this post, we will tell you some helpful hacks for getting easy when using denim fabrics on your sewing projects. Let’s start with these easyContinue reading “Tips for sewing denim on a domestic sewing machine”