Reduce the width of your pants patterns

Dremaer! Before we told you how to increase the length & width of your patterns. And today, we show you how to reduce the width of your pants patterns! With this technique you will be able to modify the width of your pattern without deforming the template. So, let’s to check the step-by-step we preparedContinue reading “Reduce the width of your pants patterns”

Let’s talk about patterns

Dreamer! In today’s post, we will discuss about the essentials you should know about the patterns for your sewing projects. Learn more below! First, we will talk about what a pattern is… When a garment has been approved for its preparation, pattern this is drawn in kraft paper. This stroke is thinned and cut, placingContinue reading “Let’s talk about patterns”

Manufacturing process of a garment

Do you know what the manufacturing process of a garment is? Here we explain the steps you need to take for this: Let’s know the process 1. Design First, you should consider the choice of materials and components of the garment. Basically, you should know that the fabric selection is based on the fabric qualityContinue reading “Manufacturing process of a garment”