How to square patchwork fabrics

Dreamers and patchwork lovers, we have for you a tip that you should apply before cutting the pieces of your blocks, in this post we will to show you how to square the patchwork fabrics to get the best results in each of your projects. To start you must wash and iron the fabric youContinue reading “How to square patchwork fabrics”

Tips for using your rotary cutter

Dreamer, using a rotary cutter in your projects makes many cutting maneuvers easier; in this publication, we share some tips you should apply when cutting with a rotary cutter. They are easy to follow, and you will get excellent results in your cuts. Check out the details in the images. You can use your rotaryContinue reading “Tips for using your rotary cutter”

Clean your rotary cutter

Dreamer, if you, like us, prefer to cut your materials with a rotary cutter, we suggest you clean it periodically. Your sewing accessories need maintenance, and today, we tell you when to do it more often, improving their performance and extending their useful life. Click here to buy your rotary cutter Clean your rotary cutter:Continue reading “Clean your rotary cutter”