Fray check seam sealant

Dreamer! In today’s post on our blog, we will share with you some useful tips for the Fray check seam sealant application. We have already told you about this perfect liquid to seal seams and prevent our fabrics from fraying. But today, we bring you the main tips on how to apply it. Continue readingContinue reading “Fray check seam sealant”

Tailor’s ham – DIY project

Dreamer! In today’s post, we will teach you how to make a tailor’s ham; If you make this project we would love you to share your thoughts in the comment box. The tailor’s ham it’s ideal for finishing the garments you make. As it makes it easier to iron darts, open seams, sleeves and inContinue reading “Tailor’s ham – DIY project”

What the microstitch is?

Dreamer! In today’s post, we will talk to you about an incredible tool we tested, the Microstitch… and, what the microstitch is? Well, continue reading to know the details. It’s time to add this amazing tool to your sewing kit. In case you don’t know it or don’t know what it’s for, here’s a littleContinue reading “What the microstitch is?”

Perfect seam allowances – SA583 sewing guide

Dreamer! in today’s post, we will show you how to achieve perfect seam allowances using the SA583 sewing guide by Liv’s brand! This time we want to share this ideal accessory for getting perfect seam allowances, with straight seams and without complications. To achieve this, we use the SA583 sewing guide by the Liv brand.Continue reading “Perfect seam allowances – SA583 sewing guide”