Reduce the width of your pants patterns

Dremaer! Before we told you how to increase the length & width of your patterns. And today, we show you how to reduce the width of your pants patterns! With this technique you will be able to modify the width of your pattern without deforming the template. So, let’s to check the step-by-step we preparedContinue reading “Reduce the width of your pants patterns”

Candy pincushion – DIY project

Dreamer! Today, we will show you how to sew a candy pincushion as a DIY project by using fabric scraps. We hope you enjoy this project. For this project, you will use a few materials. Which are: A fabric rectangle (7” x 6”) Fabric scarps or synthetic filling Scissors Pins Thread The standard foot ofContinue reading “Candy pincushion – DIY project”

4 accessories for machine quilting

Dreamer! in today’s post on our blog, we will show you 4 accessories with which you can make machine quilting in an easy and fast way. Our recommendation is to have different presser feet that help us to make the quilting and patchwork tasks easier and needles that allow us to sew several layers ofContinue reading “4 accessories for machine quilting”

Sleep eye mask – DIY project

Dreamer! Creating your own sleep eye mask is very easy; today, we will share the template and the step-by-step on how to achieve it. First, prepare the materials you will need: Cotton fabric Soft to the touch fabric such as satin, velvet or microfiber Tricot interfacing 12” elastic Polyester thread Sewing machine needles Sewing machineContinue reading “Sleep eye mask – DIY project”

How to thread your Singer Facilita Pro 4423

Dreamer! Today we will show you a step-by-step tutorial on how to thread the Singer Facilita Pro 4423 sewing machine. To start, wind the bobbin 1 2 3 Place on the bobbin winder and slide the bobbin spindle to the right. Place the thread on the thread holder and secure it. Follow the steps inContinue reading “How to thread your Singer Facilita Pro 4423”

Materials to create a corset

Dreamer! Today, we will show you which materials are used for sewing a corset. Remember, that the materials should be of good quality, so the result will look neat. Making a corset is a work of many hours. And using these materials will guarantee you to obtain a garment with excellent quality and well structured.Continue reading “Materials to create a corset”

Skull gloves for Halloween

Dreamer! Isn’t your Halloween costume done yet? In today’s post, we will show you a step-by-step on how to do skull gloves for Halloween as a DIY project! Achieve this project using your Scan n Cut and Siser textile vinyl. We will do this project in 2 parts: First, the vinyl cut with the ScanContinue reading “Skull gloves for Halloween”

How to gather with elastic thread

Dreamer! Today, we will show you how to gather with elastic thread on your domestic sewing machine. Gathers can be used to give volume as decoration or to adjust garments. Let’s to know how to achieve this nice finish with elastic thread. Materials: For this technique, you will need few materials. Elastic thread (recognize itContinue reading “How to gather with elastic thread”

4 Problems with threads while sewing

Dreamer! In this post, we will talk to you about 4 problems you may have with threads while sewing and how to avoid them. Now, if you have already checked machine tension and you are using the right needle for your project… Consequently, we suggest you review the following points to rule out or correctContinue reading “4 Problems with threads while sewing”

How to do 4-step buttonholes * 4-step buttonhole foot

Dreamer! We know that making buttonholes can be a difficult task. So, today, we will show you how to do 4-step buttonholes with your domestic sewing machine. We know that making buttonholes can be a difficult task, but nowadays there are sewing machines with this special function to achieve perfect results. In the following images,Continue reading “How to do 4-step buttonholes * 4-step buttonhole foot”

How to sew sequin fabrics

Dreamer! Today, we leave you this guide on how to sew sequin fabrics to make your sewing projects easier and make them a success. Stay here and check this info to help you do your projects and seams perfectly if you sew sequin fabrics. Tips to sew sequin fabric The patterns arrange First, avoid pre-washingContinue reading “How to sew sequin fabrics”

How to calculate the amount of fabric for each sewing project

Dreamer! In today’s post, we tell you how to make a template guide to calculate the amount of fabric for a sewing project. We know it will be very useful, especially if you are starting to make your first garments. Whether you will make a garment with patterns made by yourself or with commercial patterns,Continue reading “How to calculate the amount of fabric for each sewing project”

How to do your own scarves

Dreamer! Today we will show you how to do your own scarves as a DIY project; This step-by-step is very easy to make and you can choose the fabric you want. It’s efficient, and doing it will take you very little time, see the procedure to do it in the following images and don’t getContinue reading “How to do your own scarves”

Lining matters

The lining of the garments you make is essential in your sewing projects. Always put this detail in your creations! It’s elemental because in this way your garments will last longer. And today, we will talk about this important fabric. Interlining, sometimes referred to as interlining, is the technique of using an additional layer orContinue reading “Lining matters”

How to sew a mitered corner

Dreamer! Learn how to sew a mitered corner for your quilting and patchwork projects, in today’s post, we show you how to do it quickly and to get a perfect finish. We prepared a step-by-step on how to achive perfect results when sewing a mitered corner. Save this post and get ready to start aContinue reading “How to sew a mitered corner”

How to use the 1/4-inch foot ideal for patchwork

Dreamer! Today we will show you how to use the 1/4-inch foot ideal for patchwork, which as its name suggests, helps us to sew super precise 1/4″ seam allowances. If you enjoy quilting and patchwork, this post is for you. So stay here to know all about the 1/4-inch foot. In addition, You can makeContinue reading “How to use the 1/4-inch foot ideal for patchwork”

Tailor’s ham – DIY project

Dreamer! In today’s post, we will teach you how to make a tailor’s ham; If you make this project we would love you to share your thoughts in the comment box. The tailor’s ham it’s ideal for finishing the garments you make. As it makes it easier to iron darts, open seams, sleeves and inContinue reading “Tailor’s ham – DIY project”

What the microstitch is?

Dreamer! In today’s post, we will talk to you about an incredible tool we tested, the Microstitch… and, what the microstitch is? Well, continue reading to know the details. It’s time to add this amazing tool to your sewing kit. In case you don’t know it or don’t know what it’s for, here’s a littleContinue reading “What the microstitch is?”

Singer sewing machines – Making The Cut edition

Dreamer we have recently used the Singer machines from the Making The Cut edition and today we want to tell you in detail the features of the 3 machines that make it up and that are focused on meeting the needs of the aspiring designer. This Singer Making The Cut edition includes: a sewing machine,Continue reading “Singer sewing machines – Making The Cut edition”

How to duplicate a blouse

Dreamer! Today, we will show you how to duplicate a blouse with an easy step-by-step. Check how to do it in the following images. We recommend you use for this project a blouse you don’t wear anymore, because we will undo them. With this step-by-step you can make clothes that fit and look good onContinue reading “How to duplicate a blouse”

Emergency tips for sharpening your scissors

Dreamer! Today, we will tell you 6 emergency tips for sharpening your scissors to give them A LAST chance before you purchase a new one. The key to making precise cuts in your fabric is always to have well-sharpened scissors. Remember, you must sharpen them regularly to prevent them from biting or pulling the fabricContinue reading “Emergency tips for sharpening your scissors”

Basic hand and machine seams

Dreamer! There are many basic hand and machine seams that will be useful when you make a sewing project. This is why we will show you the main of them you can find and use in the next sewing project in today’s post. What is a seam in sewing? First let’s talk about the actualContinue reading “Basic hand and machine seams”

Types of zippers

Dreamer! In today’s post, we will let you know the types of zippers, what is recommended for using each one, and their advantages. So stay here and learn all the details below! First… zippers are the most popular method to close a garment or a pocket, they are easy to purchase and easy to placeContinue reading “Types of zippers”

Useful tips for your over machine threads

Dreamer, in today’s post on our blog, we share some tips you can easily apply with your overlock machine threads to make the most of them you have at home.  Sometimes, it isn´t easy to buy several cones of thread of a particular color to manufacture a single garment. Therefore, we have 4 tips forContinue reading “Useful tips for your over machine threads”

Select the ideal needle

In today’s post, we will show you 3 aspects you should consider when buying needles to know how to select the ideal needle for your industrial sewing machine. As long as you follow these criteria, you will be sure to buy the perfect needle for your machine, the operation of your machine will be correctContinue reading “Select the ideal needle”

Skirt transformation – DIY project

Dreamer! Today we will transform a skirt as a DIY project. In less than 3 minutes, we will show you one way to do it. Stay here to learn how! A casual skirt is great for daytime, outings with friends or even family gatherings. Surely you have a skirt you no longer wear, or you’reContinue reading “Skirt transformation – DIY project”

How to sew an exposed zipper

Dreamer! In today’s post, we share this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to place and sew an exposed zipper. Check the details below. By applying it this way the teeth, also known as elements, are visible on the front of the garment. This type of application is very useful to help us enhance our garmentsContinue reading “How to sew an exposed zipper”

Tension of a domestic sewing machine

Dreamer! in today’s post, we will show you how to easily check the tension on your domestic sewing machine to achieve perfect stitching! Tension Sewing machine tension refers to how easily the thread can pull through the machine to get even stitches on top and bottom. It’s usually adjusted from a dial at the frontContinue reading “Tension of a domestic sewing machine”

Tips for sewing corduroy

Dreamer! Today, we will tell you some characteristics and 5 tips for sewing corduroy to consider in your following projects! Corduroy… It’s a bold fabric similar to velvet, smooth and made up of crisscrossed fibers. When they are in parallel, they form the distinctive motive with vertical ribbing. Unlike velvet, which sews into a silkContinue reading “Tips for sewing corduroy”

Zig-zag stitches for elastic fabrics

Dreamer, if you select elastic fabrics for your following project, we recommend you use these 2 different zig-zag stitches. A zig-zag stitch is exactly what it sounds like, a stitch that directs the thread in zig-zag lines rather than straight lines. So, the primary purpose of a zig-zag stitch when stitching a seam: Is toContinue reading “Zig-zag stitches for elastic fabrics”

Dinosaur bag DIY project for children

Dreamer, we invite you to make this DIY project, in which we show you how to create this amazing dinosaur bag perfect for children at home and lovers of these animals. So get ready to create this original backpack. Check out the step-by-step instructions we have for you in the following images. To start withContinue reading “Dinosaur bag DIY project for children”

Perfect seam allowances – SA583 sewing guide

Dreamer! in today’s post, we will show you how to achieve perfect seam allowances using the SA583 sewing guide by Liv’s brand! This time we want to share this ideal accessory for getting perfect seam allowances, with straight seams and without complications. To achieve this, we use the SA583 sewing guide by the Liv brand.Continue reading “Perfect seam allowances – SA583 sewing guide”

Seed heat bag – DIY project

Dreamer! today, we will show you step-by-step the instructions for making your own seed heat bag! So check out this DIY project and try it! If your back and shoulders ache from spending long hours in front of the sewing machine or computer… This step-by-step sewing project surely will save you! First let’s to knowContinue reading “Seed heat bag – DIY project”

Pencil roll case – DIY project

Dreamer! today we prepared for you an amazing DIY pencil roll case that will help you keep your pencils, colors, or brushes tidy. Check out how to make this pencil organizer step-by-step. In the following images, we show you how to make this project step by step and what materials you need We hope youContinue reading “Pencil roll case – DIY project”

Have you heard about Smock technique?

Today we will talk about the smock technique, the finish is very lovely, and you can apply it to various fabrics for your sewing projects! The smock is a decorative technique with gathers that serves to give flight and adorn the garments. This type of technique is recommended for thin and full-bodied fabrics. This willContinue reading “Have you heard about Smock technique?”

How to change the threads on your domestic Overlock machine

Dreamer! Today you will learn to change the threads from your domestic overlock machine with this easy and quick step-by-step guide! In addition, you will find a video with the tutorial to better illustrate this task! Let’s start! Step 1 Cut the threads you already have. Cut them after the support base. Step 2 AndContinue reading “How to change the threads on your domestic Overlock machine”

Cup decoration for Christmas

Welcome back, Dreamer! In today’s post, we will show you a step-by-step project on how to create these holiday decorations for your cups. They will also prevent you from burning yourself while drinking your hot drinks; they will be perfect for Christmas, New year, and this cold season. The materials we will use are: FeltContinue reading “Cup decoration for Christmas”

How to sew an invisible zipper

Hello Dreamers! Let’s learn how to sew an invisible zipper correctly! Enjoy this step-by-step tutorial and try it on your following project. You can check out our official YouTube channel, where you can find more tutorials and sewing hacks. Let’s start with this guide! We need: Invisible zipper Fabric Thread Scissors An iron Zipper footContinue reading “How to sew an invisible zipper”

Tip for making seam allowances

Dreamer! in today’s post, you will learn how to make your own seam allowances ruler. This ruler helps you to have handy the basic and common measurements in sewing projects! Seam allowance is the amount of fabric between the seam and the raw or finished edge of the fabric. The seam allowance will be listedContinue reading “Tip for making seam allowances”

Scissors for your sewing projects

Dreamer! Today we will show you the different types of scissors for your sewing and embroidery projects. Continue reading for you to learn more about it. Scissors are such an ancient invention; you will be surprised by these three curious facts about them. 1. Since the Bronze Age, scissors have existed for specific tasks suchContinue reading “Scissors for your sewing projects”

Make a hair towel wrap

We prepared an incredible and simple step-by-step tutorial for you to make a hair towel wrap! Check the images, and further down in this post you will find the step-by-step video and the downloadable and ready-to-use sewing pattern. Let’s start to make our hair towel wrap! For this project you need: Microfiber cloth or towelContinue reading “Make a hair towel wrap”

Keep your cutting boards in perfect condition

Dreamer! today we present some simple tips to care for your cutting boards and keep them in optimal conditions. Our work tools are an excellent investment; taking care of them helps us extend their useful life and keep them in our workshop for longer. Tip 1 Rotate it periodically and use the back of yourContinue reading “Keep your cutting boards in perfect condition”

Tips for pinning

Dreamer… Did you know how to correctly position pinning when doing your sewing projects? Here we will show you how! The pins help hold the layers of the fabric together when you sew, securing your pattern to mark them on the fabric. Some sewers don’t use pins and prefer pattern weights for cutting or markingContinue reading “Tips for pinning”

Let’s talk about patterns

Dreamer! In today’s post, we will discuss about the essentials you should know about the patterns for your sewing projects. Learn more below! First, we will talk about what a pattern is… When a garment has been approved for its preparation, pattern this is drawn in kraft paper. This stroke is thinned and cut, placingContinue reading “Let’s talk about patterns”

Tip for sewing elastics

Hello Dreamers! In this post, we will show you a straightforward tip for sewing elastics on your domestic sewing machine. Follow the step-by-step guide we prepared for you and obtain perfect results without difficulties. Also, to illustrate, we made the steps in a video tutorial; we hope you enjoy this post! Step 1: You willContinue reading “Tip for sewing elastics”

Sewing Darts

The sewing darts are structural elements that allow the fabric to conform to body contours and curves. Continue reading for the complete info Darts are most common at the bust but may also be found at the waist, hips, and elbows. First, we will show you the variation of the essential you already know: WaistContinue reading “Sewing Darts”

Torzal thread

Dreamer, today we will show you the features of the torzal thread. Check the complete info to know more about. The torzal thread is a strong thread composed of two or three smaller threads or strands twisted together. You can use it for various purposes, as for binding small parcels, making nets…etc. Let’s know moreContinue reading “Torzal thread”

Sew perfect curves

Welcome back, Dreamers! in today’s post, we’re giving you several tips for sewing perfect curves! You can’t miss this post! In addition, we have prepared a video tutorial to make it easier for you to follow our steps. Let’s start preparing our perfect curves You need: First: This accessory will help you increase the usableContinue reading “Sew perfect curves”

Industrial sewing machines

Dreamer, if you are considering opening a business, your domestic machine will not be enough! You must buy an industrial sewing machine… If you have already started and want to buy an industrial sewing machine… Here are some facts to keep in mind: Specific functions Click here to buy your industrial sewing machine Industrial sewingContinue reading “Industrial sewing machines”

Halloween spider web decoration

Hello Dreamers! Halloween is coming, and it’s time to decorate our house, so in this post, we show you an effortless way to make a spider web. The better of this project is the quick way to make it, with some fabric, our sewing machine, and the most important thing to make the effect isContinue reading “Halloween spider web decoration”

Manufacturing process of a garment

Do you know what the manufacturing process of a garment is? Here we explain the steps you need to take for this: Let’s know the process 1. Design First, you should consider the choice of materials and components of the garment. Basically, you should know that the fabric selection is based on the fabric qualityContinue reading “Manufacturing process of a garment”

Useful accessories to work with your domestic overlock machine

Dreamer, if you use your overlock frequently, we recommend you always have these accessories for the overlock machine at hand. They will be very helpful when working. Although most of the overlock machines come with an accessory case included, we recommend you to have an extra set ready for any eventuality. Especially if we areContinue reading “Useful accessories to work with your domestic overlock machine”

Hotmelt interfacings

Dreamer, for today’s post, we will show you the different types of hot melt interfacings that are adhered to heat. Continue reading below. Regardless of interfacing is available in a variety of weights, thicknesses, and densities. Choosing the correct weight and thickness to match the garment’s fabric and design is imperative for constructing a high-qualityContinue reading “Hotmelt interfacings”

6-in-1 stick n’ stitch guide by LIV

Dreamer, today we will show you how to use the 6-in-1 stick n’ stitch guide by LIV; Also, we prepared a step–by–step video for you. Know it! These are small plastic guides that have a side that sticks temporarily to your sewing machine. And depending on the position in which you place the guides, itContinue reading “6-in-1 stick n’ stitch guide by LIV”

Cover Stitch 2000 Cpx by Janome

Dreamer, today we will talk about the Janome cover stitch 2000 cpx machine; it’s an excellent option to add to your sewing workshop if you make knitted garments. This machine offers several super interesting features that will facilitate the creation and manufacture of sportswear, swimwear, underwear, or lingerie with professional finishes. The machine has theContinue reading “Cover Stitch 2000 Cpx by Janome”

Make a sewing organizer

Dreamer, for today’s post, we’re showing you a step-by-step guide on how to make a sewing organizer. Continue reading to know the lovely result! Are you ready to start? For this project you need… Materials: Cutting mat 18″ x 14″ fabric rectangle 8″ x 6″ fabric rectangle 20″ semi rigid plastic 3yd of bias MeasuringContinue reading “Make a sewing organizer”

Four tips for sewing vinyl with ease

Dreamer, today we share with you four tips for sewing vinyl with ease, without it sticking to your work surface. Below we leave the details. We know that sewing vinyl or laminated fabrics can be a bit difficult because this type of material tends to stick to the surface of our machine while sewing.  ThisContinue reading “Four tips for sewing vinyl with ease”

Twin needle types for domestic sewing machines

Dreamer, if you want to take your projects to the next level, eventually you need use the different types of twin needles of the Schmetz brand. In the post today, you can learn how to achieve the best results using the following twin needles. Basically, they are an excellent option when sewing on the domesticContinue reading “Twin needle types for domestic sewing machines”

6 Tips for using a twin needle on your domestic sewing machine

Dreamer, the twin needles for domestic sewing machines are an excellent option for our sewing projects. Here we share 6 tips for using a twin needle. If it’s the first time you will use it, we recommend you to read all this post we prepared for you with 6 essential hacks to using the twinContinue reading “6 Tips for using a twin needle on your domestic sewing machine”

Zig-zag Stitch uses

Dreamer, in this post, we will talk to you about the zig-zag stitch uses. If you want to know the details, continue reading below. Nowadays, even the most basic family sewing machines have zigzag stitch; its uses are so varied that it’s common to apply this stitch in different steps of your sewing projects. WithContinue reading “Zig-zag Stitch uses”