How to thread your Singer Facilita Pro 4423

Dreamer! Today we will show you a step-by-step tutorial on how to thread the Singer Facilita Pro 4423 sewing machine. To start, wind the bobbin 1 2 3 Place on the bobbin winder and slide the bobbin spindle to the right. Place the thread on the thread holder and secure it. Follow the steps inContinue reading “How to thread your Singer Facilita Pro 4423”

Singer sewing machines – Making The Cut edition

Dreamer we have recently used the Singer machines from the Making The Cut edition and today we want to tell you in detail the features of the 3 machines that make it up and that are focused on meeting the needs of the aspiring designer. This Singer Making The Cut edition includes: a sewing machine,Continue reading “Singer sewing machines – Making The Cut edition”

Hearts decoration Origami on fabric

Dreamer, in this post, we will show you a step-by-step idea to make a hearts decoration with origami on fabric. It’s a straightforward project requiring no sewing, and you can use those fabric remnants that always are kept. Prepare your fabrics, iron, and get to work! You need: Fabric scraps (we recommend cotton fabrics withContinue reading “Hearts decoration Origami on fabric”

Domestic Overlock HD0405S by Singer

Dreamer, if you want to change or add an overlock machine to your sewing room, we have an incredible option for you: the Overlock HD0405S by Singer. We have used it long enough to be able to tell you about its functions and recommend it widely, here you can learn everything about this machine. It’sContinue reading “Domestic Overlock HD0405S by Singer”

Embroidery formats for embroidery machines

Dreamer, nowadays, there are many brands of embroidery machines. Generally, each one has its embroidery formats or embroidery type, that is to say, a digital file with a special ending or extension so that the machine can read and embroider it.  In this post, we share with you the extension of each one; if youContinue reading “Embroidery formats for embroidery machines”