How to take care of the embroidery unit of a machine?


Dreamer, today we will show you how to take care of the machine’s embroidery unit and extend its useful life.

When doing a new embroidery project, we suggest you consider the following points, avoid failures in your embroidery unit, and you will have better results too.


Clean work area.

It’s important to check that your work area is clean and that there aren’t objects obstructing the free movement of your embroidery unit.


This helps reduce the risk of the carriage jamming while the machine is working on the embroidery.


Don't move the embroidery carriage.

Never move the embroidery unit carriage by hand. Doing so may damage the parts inside it.

Even if the thread is tangled, first release the thread and then press the option on the machine that moves the carriage.


Accomodate excess fabric.

Check that the excess fabric doesn’t get caught between the embroidery carriage and the machine base.


If the fabric gets caught in the embroidery area, it could cause stitching mistakes or damage the embroidery carriage.

With these tips, you will maintain the embroidery unit of your domestic embroidery machine in good condition.

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