Special threads for domestic embroidery machine


Dreamer, when using your embroidery machine, you should use special threads for the best results. Here we tell you what they are and their characteristics.

We recommend you the Gütermann threads because they have a handle range of specialized threads, such as:

  • Cotton 12
  • Metallic
  • Rayon 30
  • Rayon 40

They have different colors and resistant embroidery machine speeds.

Once you know, you should use special threads in your embroidery machine…

Let's know more about them!

Cotton 12:

Cotton 12 is a universal 100% cotton machine embroidery thread suitable for all embroidery with wool character.


It gives excellent results on 3D embroidery, and is ideal for designs with low density and also perfect for machine quilting.

Recommended Needle:- Machine embroidery needle NM 90.


Gutermann Metallic Thread is the ideal thread for decorative stitching and machine embroidery.

This thread is 70% polyamide and 30% polyester with the added benefit of strength and color fastness.

Gutermann guarantee that this thread is knot-free.

Gutermann Metallic is the most reliable of machine threads. It may be used on natural, blended, and synthetic fabrics, making it highly versatile.

Rayon 30:

Rayon 30 by Gütermann Sulky Rayon 30 can give extra definition to free motion machine embroidery as it’s slightly thicker than standard machine embroidery thread.


This thread should not be used for standard embroidery designs on electronic embroidery machines unless the design is digitized explicitly for the thicker thread.

Rayon 40:

Rayon 40- Is the ideal choice for machine embroidery, creating luxury stitch details for all your embroidery designs, quilting, and more.

This 100% viscose thread offers a robust and silky quality for decorative machine stitching projects.


The 40-weight rayon thread boasts a high sheen finish, ensuring that your embroidery stitching has a soft, smooth look.

It’s a versatile thread and is available in many shades. Create the perfect designs for your haberdashery project!

Now you know what the best threads for your domestic embroidery machine are, so start using them in your projects, and we assure you will love the work with them and the results they give to your embroideries.

If you don’t have them yet, here we leave the link to purchase your threads.

We hope this information we prepared for you will help you so much.

Tell us in the box of comments what was your experience using these threads. We will love to see your results!

See you in another post! And bye for now!

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