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Dreamers, we know that one of your favorite hobbies is patchwork and quilting; so today, we are going to recommend you 3 threads that are ideal for quilting and patchwork projects!

These threads have characteristics and properties that will make your work more accessible.

And we suggest you use cotton thread so that it’s “compatible” with the pieces of fabric used.

This is because in patchwork we regularly work with 100% cotton fabric.

And the best thing is that these threads have a wide range of colors that help us to find the tone that best suits our sewing pieces.

Let's know the ideal quilting and patchwork threads!

Cotton 30

This thread can be used for quilting, patchwork, and embroidery with sewing machines. It’s available in spools of 328 yds.


The color range has 46 solid colors and ten shades.

  • We recommend using a thin thread on the bobbin.

Hand Quilting

Ideal for all types of sewing, machine quilting, and dressmaking, for underwear buttonholes, and button sewing, for ornamental stitches and decorative seams.

You can find this thread in spools of 220 yds.

  • This Gutermann thread line has 80 colors available.

Cotton 12

It’s ideal for quilting and patchwork; you can use it for machine and hand sewing.

And it’s also used for embroidery on computerized machines and hand embroidery.


Find 56 shades with subtle colors and some solid colors on spools of 220 yds each.

We love Gutermann threads because they are super resistant.

The colors are very intense and durable, and we can work very well together with our cotton patchwork fabrics.

Besides we highly recommend you sew with a quilting needle to avoid skipped stitches.

To finish, here we leave you the link to buy these threads, where you can find all the ranges and a lot of accessories to work on patchwork and quilting projects.

If you are looking for ideas and tips for quilting and patchwork, click on the link to visit our Quilting and Patchwork category!

Remember always use good quality supplies!

In this post, we tell you how to recognize good-quality threads! Don’t lose this essential information!

Let's learn how to recognize good quality fabrics!

Knowing how to identify a good quality fabric can be challenging if you don’t know its composition characteristics.

Here are 4 tips to help you choose the best quality fabrics for your sewing projects.

Tip 1

You can check this by scratching the fabric.

If you notice that the threads move easily, this is a clear sign that the fabric will fray, or there will be very visible holes next to each stitch.


Tip 2

When looking at it against the light, observe if the threads are perfectly distributed.

If they have more closed or separated areas, holes, or other imperfections that make it difficult to do your projects.

Tip 3

It should be uniform and sharp look for a fold mark on the fabric and see if it has faded.


In prints check that there are no areas without color in the drawing, except for the parts that should be white.

Tip 4

The weft and selvedge threads should form a right angle (90°), and geometric or symmetrical prints should form a right angle with the selvedge.

if it’s crooked, you will not be able to correct it. And the presentation and finish of your projects will not be correct.

Start to do your projects with the best materials! Now you now how to do it!

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See you in another post! Bye for now!

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