Tiaras: fashion accessory


Dreamer! Did you know that… in ancient times, diadems were originally headdresses worn by royalty, and tiaras were worn only by popes?

Both terms are used in the same way as these accessories have become more popular nowadays.


The ancient Persians wore a high and erect royal tiara encircled with a diadem.

Hera, queen of the Greek gods, wore a golden crown called the diadem.

So… in the Medieval period, crown-shaped jewels, or coronals, were worn by brides of all ranks.

But it wasn’t until the 18th century that tiaras as we might know them today became more widely worn. 

And, do you like to wear headbands? You can continue reading to learn more details.

This type of accessory is considered a headdress, as its half-crown shape with an opening at the back makes it very easy to wear.


People sometimes think that there are limited occasions on which one can wear a tiara, but this is not always the case.

Many tiaras, are highly versatile and can be worn not only as a headpiece for a very formal occasion.

But can also transform into a necklace for less formal events, such as the opera or a black-tie party. 

Also, tiaras are an essential accessory. There are more casual and informal models with letters or flowers.

The most elegant and sophisticated designs with rhinestones are ideal for bridal headdresses and evening events.

How do you like to wear them?

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