Tips for creating openwork embroidery


Dreamer, if you like to experiment with your embroidery, here are some tips for creating openwork embroidery style.

This type will bring a transparent effect to your projects.

Tip 1

The materials for this technique are:

  • Special thread for machine embroidery and a bobbin with the same thread color.

The recommendation is that you use a thread of excellent quality so that both the embroidery and the color of the thread remain intact for a long time.

  • Water-soluble stabilizer “Hiselon” is perfect because it leaves no material residue, and it will be easier for you to embroider.
  • Use a net fabric such as tulle, organdy, or mesh in the same color as your fabric or in white so that you can create the effect of transparency in the design.

Tip 2

The embroidery design

  • To achieve good results, you should use a design in which the padding isn’t too saturated and has an outer edge with a well-defined satin stitch.

If it doesn’t, don’t limit yourself and use an embroidery frame of the default designs that your embroidery machine has.

Tip 3

Embroidery needles

  • If you are going to do it with a domestic embroidery machine, we recommend using special embroidery needles from Schmetz.

So when using thin fabrics, the thin threads that make up the fabric will not break, and also the shape of the eye of these needles reduces thread breakage.

Tip 4

Embroidery Scissors

  • Once you have finished embroidering your design, use sharp embroidery scissors.

So their small tip will allow you to get into all the right places to cut through the background fabric

Try these tips and start to achieve perfect results in your openwork embroidery projects.

We hope you have enjoyed this post! See you in another! and bye for now!

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