Tips for making hems on knitted fabrics


Dreamer, we share three tips that will be very useful when making hems on knitted fabrics; check here our recommendations in the following post before sewing your garments.

Tip 1 for hemming

Before sewing, with the help of the iron, mark the hem:

Press the fabric lifting the iron without dragging it and manipulate the fabric until it cools down.

  • This way, you will avoid the fabric stretches and deforming.

Tip 2: Use your magnet guide


If you still need to get your magnet guide, here we leave you the link where you can find it…

With this tool, you can maintain a uniform fold and a uniform seam throughout the seam without pulling or tensing the fabric.

Tip 3 for making hems

Adjust the presser foot pressure on your machine.

If you can’t, while sewing, help your machine by pressing the back of the presser foot with your thumb to lift the front slightly, releasing the pressure to avoid waviness.

Following these tips, we assure you will have the best results in your projects.

And for finishing…

The last tip will help you a lot to make super easy hems.

If you want to adjust the hems of your garments, you can use this fantastic idea by applying less time.

Get the most out of your sewing time!

To make your hems without measuring them every time you make them, you can make a template with cardboard.

How to achieve that?

Mark the different widths you use frequently, and it will be much easier to mark them with the iron.


And that’s it! You will be an expert ASAP if you don’t doubt more and practice with these steps!

We hope this post will help you so much and inspire and help you in your projects!

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See you in another! Bye for now!

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