Emergency tips for sharpening your scissors


Dreamer! Today, we will tell you 6 emergency tips for sharpening your scissors to give them A LAST chance before you purchase a new one.

The key to making precise cuts in your fabric is always to have well-sharpened scissors.

Remember, you must sharpen them regularly to prevent them from biting or pulling the fabric while cutting.

To achieve that and keep them sharp and in optimal condition, use your scissors only for cutting fabric.


Don’t use them to cut paper or plastic; cutting other materials makes them dull.

This is a fundamental and fabric-saving sewing hack you always have to remember.

Now… let's to know these 6 emergency tips for sharpening your scissors.




1. Use a metal clip.
 You should be carefuly, because the clip is very tiny. So… put it between the blades of your scissors and start scissoring! You will love the result.

2. Use Sandpaper.
 Yes, purchase a sheet of sandpaper, the result will be better if it is extremely coarse or medium grit. Just cut the sandpaper into strips, and voila!

3. Grab a needle. 
If you have a needle that doesn’t use anymore, use it by putting it between the blades of your scissors, opening and closing them, and passing the needle along the length.




4. Cut stainless steel for dishes.
Cut the metal fiber many times… until the scissors cut again.

5. Use a glass bottle.
Repeat the same procedure you made with the last materials.

6. Cut aluminum foil.
Make aluminum foil strips as many times as your scissors need.


As a last tip for your scissors cut longer, give them periodic maintenance.

  • First, clean them with ethyl alcohol to avoid getting rusty.
  • Then apply a little drop of Zoom spout oil on the scissors screw
  • Finally leave them without use for 24 hrs.

And ready! This way, they will endure much longer.

If you want to learn more tips like these for your sewing projects, we invite you to check our Sewing Hacks category and read all the content we create for you.

We hope this post has been helpful to give A LAST chance to your scissors… and remember that there are different types of scissors according to the project you will work on.

There are in the market many of them that are made with super good quality materials. So… don’t doubt it, please select the ideal for your projects and get perfect results!

See you in another post! And… bye for now!

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