Tips for using your rotary cutter


Dreamer, using a rotary cutter in your projects makes many cutting maneuvers easier; in this publication, we share some tips you should apply when cutting with a rotary cutter.

They are easy to follow, and you will get excellent results in your cuts. Check out the details in the images.

You can use your rotary cutter to work with different kinds of fabrics; if you don’t have one yet, check this information, we assure you will love it.

Don’t doubt and start using it to have better finishes in your projects… and follow these tips for improving your cuts.

Tips for using your rotary cutter


Never cut more than 4-6 layers of fabric simultaneously.


The more layers of fabric you cut, the more likely the fabric will move, and the cuts will be uneven.


Make sure the blades are clean and sharp.

If you notice any uneven areas or cuts on the blade, it’s time to replace it.


Position the blade at a 45° angle to the ruler.


Use your dominant hand standing in front of the cutting surface.  Never cross your hands over each other when cutting.


Apply even pressure when cutting. Your cuts will be more accurate if you apply direct pressure and pass quickly over the fabric.


Place and support your ruler well, so you never cut below it.


Always use a cutting surface under the fabric and rotate it instead of turning the fabric.

This will help keep the fabric aligned and get more accurate cuts.

As always, we hope this post will help you to improve your technique in your following quilting and patchwork projects!

If you are interested in getting your rotary cutter, we share the link to the online shop of our friends at Casa Diaz; you can check the details and prices.

See you in the next post! Bye for now!

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