Trending colors 2022


Dreamer, in this post, we will show you the trending colors in 2022.

When you know them, you would add them to your creations and dare to wear them in your day-to-day, as turning in the year’s protagonist.

Know the trending colors you will find in this 2022

Veri peri

Now is time to tell you that the color you will see everywhere is the beautiful Pantone Very Peri, a unique tone that mixes tones of blues and lilac shades with special dyes.


We love this color; without a place to doubt, it’s our favorite of the year.

You can combine it with neutral colors, such as gray, white, or beige, to use it daily.

Don’t worry and continue reading because below, we leave you a guide with the trending neutral, sober, and vibrant colors of this season.

Sober colors of the year.

If you think using coloring garments it’s a risky idea…


We share with you another idea:

The perfect option will be to add little details to your garments, such as the print, footwear, or jewelry, and take all the outfit’s focus on these accessories.

We assure you that a combination you will be shine with is to wear these colors with denim garments such as a: jacket, pants, skirts, etc.

They will be combined perfectly for a casual style that you can quickly wear at every moment.

Neutral trending colors of the year.

Another option you can use is to wear these colors combined—for example, a neutral color garment with another with vibrant color.


And if you check this option and it likes you, you can experiment with something different… that is: combine tones that contrast each other.

You will love the result; just try it!

Vibrant trending colors of the year.

We love the vibrant colors because they are an expression way that helps us show our personality.

Don’t doubt anymore and make tests combining these different tons in your garments once you find your ideal combination.

Do you love the trending colors 2022 so much as we? We think these tones have the perfect personal taste for everyone.

We hope you enjoy this post, and it helps you give your outfit a funny detail with combined garments.

See you in another post! Bye for now!

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