Twin needle types for domestic sewing machines


Dreamer, if you want to take your projects to the next level, eventually you need use the different types of twin needles of the Schmetz brand.

In the post today, you can learn how to achieve the best results using the following twin needles.

Basically, they are an excellent option when sewing on the domestic machine. So you can add a hem, parallel or decorative stitches, and in this post, below, you will know our favorites.

However… we assure you will love the perfect finish to suit every need for your projects.

Next, you can read the details, so continue reading…

This twin needle type is perfect for making amazing designs; for this reason, buy the ideal one for your following sewing project according to its features.

Let's go to know them

1. Universal twin needle

The Universal twin needle is known too as the double needle. Indeed, it’s common to find them nowadays because almost all domestic sewing machines include one of them in the basic fabric kit.


With them, you could use not only a straight stitch and zig-zag but also a decorative stitch to obtain excellent finishes while sewing on different fabrics.

So… you can find Universal needles whit a wide variety of calibers in many measurements on the distance between needles:

  • 2.0 mm
  • 2.5 mm.
  • 4.0 mm.

2. Double hemstitch needle

Secondly, a twin needle combines a universal with an openwork needle in due time. To sum up, they are perfect for making two unique simultaneous seams, one of them with little holes that add an exciting touch to your projects.


Without a doubt, these needles are excellent to use in loosely woven fabrics, such as linen or organdy.

In addition, we obtain them with a 2.5mm distance between needles and gauge 100.

3. Embroidery twin needle

Thirdly, the embroidery needle is an excellent option if you plan to use embroidery threads because the recess is special and has a wide eye.


They allow you to make embroideries and decorative stitches without any problem.


-Likewise, the distance between needles is 2.0mm

-The needle gauge is 75.

-Their use is exclusive to domestic embroidery machines.’

4. Metallic twin needle

And finally… we show you the Metallic twin needle. We consider it a fantastic invention! We love it!

Because, in the same way as the other needles, the metallic twin needle makes two rows of simultaneous seams, but its design is special for working with metallic threads or special effect needles.


As a result of its elongated eye, you will allow sliding through the metallic thread without friction or damaging your projects.

Why do we love this needle? Certainly, they avoid us so much trouble while sewing with threads with a particular difficulty.

(You will understand what we are talking about if you have used metallic threads).

-Distance between needles is 3.0mm

-Gauge 90/14.

Do you have imagined the existence of this so many types of twin or double needles?

The best is that these needles are compatible with 99% of domestic sewing machines of different brands, such as Singer, Janome, Brother, and Alfa… among others.

Before starting to sew, if it’s your first time using this type of needle, it’s always recommended in this situation to test the needle; in other words, raise and lower it manually to check that the needle doesn’t hit the presser foot or the needle plate.

And don’t worry… with attention to improve your projects, here we leave the link to our post about 7 tips for using a twin needle on your domestic sewing machine. 

Soon look for it in our Sewing Tips category. This way, it can make their use easy.

We hope this information helps you find the ideal twin needle for your following project; in that case, please share it whit us!

See you in the next post! Bye for now!

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