Types of machine embroidery


Dreamer, today we will tell you about the types of machine embroidery. This kind of project explores many possibilities, here we tell you the details.

Additionally, the uses of machine embroidery are in decoration in sewing, personalization of everyday garments, and more.

Types of machine embroidery are divided into two types:

1.- Hand-guided sewing.

The hand-guided sewing allows us to do it at home with few elements.

And this machine embroidery is done with a straight sewing machine, colored threads, and a lot of practice to obtain total color figures.


It would be best if you had a basic sewing machine with the possibility of lowering or covering the feed dogs for hand-guided machine embroidery. So, this will be sufficient.

You should place the fabric canvas in an embroidery frame.

To control the movement the embroiderer uses the hands.

Machine embroidery, guided by hand, puts the stitches on the fabric’s surface in different directions to outline or fill the pattern with a straight or zigzag stitch.

As noted, this type of machine embroidery is very similar to free-motion quilting and can follow a sketched design or be worked entirely freehand.

2.- Programmed machine embroidery

Compared to, the programmed machine embroidery, is more modern and specialized, and is carried out with high-tech embroidery machines.

But we can have in our sewing workshop with a little more money.

The embroidery on programmable embroidery machines is a result of the industrial revolution and entered the market of home sewing in the last decades of the 20th century.

The machine’s processor guides this embroidery, so we obtain high-quality results.

Thanks to computer-aided design, there is a wide range of embroidery styles and fonts for monograms and lettering.

Finally, nowadays, you can create designs with infinite stitches, including those that perfectly imitate cross stitch.

Some designs are so similar to hand embroidery and basically that it’s difficult to notice the difference.

We hope this information inspires you to create your new projects.

So, you know how to make different kinds of machine embroidery.

Try to make them and show us your results in the comments box.

See you in another post. Bye for now!

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