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Dreamer! Today we will show you the different types of scissors for your sewing and embroidery projects. Continue reading for you to learn more about it.

Scissors are such an ancient invention; you will be surprised by these three curious facts about them.


Since the Bronze Age, scissors have existed for specific tasks such as cutting hides, cutting hair, or shearing sheep.


In Greek mythology, scissors are the attribute of one of the three Fates:

  • In charge of cutting the thread of life symbolizes the sudden end.

Alluding to the fact that a man’s life depends on the Gods.


During the 18th century, scissors became widespread, and steel began to be used in their manufacture.

Without any introduction, let's know the different scissors types!

Metal grip scissors

  • These are ideal for hard work
  • If you sew frequently, these scissors are an excellent option
  • These are heavier than the plastic ones, best for medium or big handed people
  • A professional will always choose metal scissors for its durability

A couple of examples of these scissors, are:


Plastic grip scissors

  • They’re ideal for cutting light fabrics
  • These are perfectly if you’re not an expert sewing
  • Are weightless than the metal ones
  • Plastic handle helps you to avoid the scissor slips

With the needlecrafts scissors, you can make precise cuts, thanks to its superfine tip for cutting very detailed parts.


These types of scissors have excellent sharpness making them ideal for many hand-sewing applications such as appliqué cutting, perfect cuts in tiny threads or hand stitches like cross stitch.

As an example, the embroidery scissors


For finishing…

Zig-zag scissors

  • Ideal for crafts and detail the edges of the fabrics
  • Sharpness blades for precise cuts on different types of fabrics
  • Effortless cuts thanks to its comfort grip

Always keep your scissors sharp and in optimal condition, so use them only for cutting fabric.

Don’t cut paper or plastic with your fabric scissors.

Please be sure to look for your ideal cutting tool… there is a wide variety of them, and they always are essential in our kit.

Also, remember that you must sharpen your scissors regularly to prevent them from biting or pulling the fabric while cutting.

Here we tell you some emergency tips to achieve that:


Keep your scissors sharp by
designating a pair just for cutting fabric. When you use your fabric scissors to cut through paper or other material, it gets dull.

To keep your scissors sharp,
you can cut sandpaper. Just cut the sandpaper into strips and voila!

If your scissors lost its sharp… Grab a metal clip, but it between the blades, and start scissoring!
This way, your scissors will cut like new!!!

We hope you have enjoyed this post, and before to say goodbye…

We want to share with you a step-by-step video tutorial with the instuctions to make your own scissor case.

Keep them always perfectly stored! Take care of your sewing accessories and tools!


See you in another post! Bye for now.

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