Types of stitching for quilting


Dreamer, in today’s post, we share with you the types of stitching for quilting. Stay here and learn more about it!

If you are interested in the world of patchwork and quilting, this publication is for you.

First you should know that a quilt is the union of three spliced layers, the main fabric, a layer of filling, and a fabric for the backing, creating a design with seams to add texture.

Let’s learn the main stitching you can do in a quilt.

1. Capitoned Quilting

In capitoned quilting, you need to attach the layers of fabric and the filling with ribbon or worsted at various points distributed throughout the quilt instead of machine stitching.


This type of quilting is usually done with thick wadding, and the finish is very poofy.

2. Free motion Quilting

It consists of guiding the quilt with the hands while the machine sews.

To achieve this seam, you should use a special presser foot and lower the machine’s feed dogs to move the fabric in different directions.

But you can also know it as free-motion quilting or hand-guided quilting.

3. Machine-guided Quilting

This seam consists of you guiding the quilt while the machine sews, taking advantage of the pressure of the impeller and the presser foot.


And you can do it with a straight stitch foot, presser foot with a guide, or double feed to help transport thicker quilts.

4. Hand Quilting

You make stitches and shapes with seams entirely by hand. It’s recommended for medium thickness pieces and small size canvases.

Additionally, hand stitching provides a smooth finish that really can’t be achieved with machines. Plus, if you like to sew, this will relax you.

In general, now you know the different types of stitching for quilting. So don’t doubt it more and apply these variations to your projects!

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