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In this post, we will talk to you about the types of tucks you can make in your sewing projects, don’t miss this essential information…

Dreamer, in a previous post, we discussed what the tucks are, so in today’s post, we came up with more basic information about the types of tucks you can make in your sewing projects.

If you lose that post, here we leave you the link.

Let’s make a previously:

The tucks are folds in the fabric that help enhance any design; you can apply them in men’s, women’s, and children’s fashion garments.

We recommend you use them in plain fabrics to become the center of attention in your garments.

Now let’s learn about the different types of tucks you can apply.

Space tucks:

This kind of detail is characterized by having the exact distance between each of the folds, and they are approximately 1/2″ wide. 


They are ideal for making in blouses or shirts, but they can be applied to all kinds of garments.

Pin tucks:

Are very narrow tucks, usually measuring 1/8″ wide.

We see them on dinner jacket shirts, couture dresses, and children’s clothing.

This type of detail can be made with the help of a special presser foot.

Blind tucks

In this case, each pleat is joined to the next one.

The folds can have practically any width, and they are a great touch to enhance blouses and dresses.

We talked about the generalities of these sewing details, but remember, you can always make the necessary adjustments to apply this technique to your sewing projects’ features.

So… if you work with these seams, don’t doubt to show us your results in the comments box.

As always, we hope this information has helped you so much.

See you in another post. Bye for now!

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