Types of zipper application


Dreamer, today we will tell you about the most common types of zipper application, their names, and common uses. 

But remember… you can always adapt them to the needs of your projects.

Check out the info we prepared for you.

Overlapping zipper:

With this type of application, the zipper is completely invisible.

An overlapping zipper is a great option to cover different color zippers than the fabric.


The overlapping zipper it’s applied to dresses, skirts, and pants sides.

And the position of this type varies about the upper edge.

So… if the garment is finished with a view, you should place the zipper 6 inches from the seam line.

If it’s a turtleneck or waistband, you should sew the zipper below the seam allowance and from the inside out and always from the bottom up, so it will be correct.

Centered zipper:

The centered zip it’s sewn to close garments at the center, front, or back.


If the garment is a single view, the zipper top should be 1/2″ below the seam line to turn the view and place a hook. 

And if the zip flipping the tabs isn’t required, the top stop is placed below the seam line.

Fly zipper:

Fly zip was previously used only on men’s pants but now, see it on women’s garments too. 

So you should apply this zipper only if specified in the pattern because it requires a considerable wider overlap with this pattern.


This type of zipper application has a right-side opening mounted on the left in women’s clothing, and men’s pants go the other way around.

Jacket zipper:

This application type uses an open zipper at both ends for placement on jackets or coats. 

It would help if you sewed it on before attaching the seams or hems.


It can be placed centered with the edges of the fabric covering the zipper or set.

So that it’s visible by placing the fabric outside on the sides very close to the zipper but without covering it.

Now you know the different types of zipper application and how to apply them in your following sewing projects.

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We hope this info has helped you a lot and see you in the next post! Bye for now!

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