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Dreamer! In today’s post, we will tell you all you need to know about the wedding dress. The main detail in a wedding day celebration!

The wedding dress is a very important garment and full of details, a whole set of ideas to make the wedding day super special.

So in this post we explain just some of the elements that compose them and bring a unique style to this garment.

First a little history of the color white in wedding dresses.

Wearing white at the wedding is a practice of recent times.

Marriage in the Middle Ages was a property exchange contract and brides wore showy outfits in any color.

White was first worn in 19th century England.

Princess Charlotte, Queen Victoria’s cousin, wore the color in 1816.

In 1840, the tradition gained momentum.

This was due to the print media and the nascent photography, which helped to make the news of Victoria’s wedding (she was in radiant white) known to millions of people.

Princess Charlottes wedding dress

However, it was not until the 20th century that this color became a fashion statement and reached all social classes in most countries.

Today, there is a wide variety of shades that can be worn in a wedding dress.

Traditional shades for wedding dresses

Now we will show you the traditional shades that you can use for the design and manufacture of a wedding dress.


We also want to tell you that nowadays not only white is used.

Here are different shades and this guide will be useful for you, but remember not to close yourself to the idea of other shades that you like and try them until you are sure that you have the perfect shade for your perfect day.


Light ivory



Dark ivory




Necklines for wedding dresses

We know that the selection of the dress, involves many decisions, the skirt, the fabric, the volume…

Here we share different styles of necklines for wedding dresses, so you can choose your favorites and guide you to try these styles.

Check out the images with the references for inspiration:


Now know the types of wedding veils according to the length

At this point we will to explain another important factor for the attire, the veil is one of the essential accessories for the wedding dress, whether you make or you are going to use the veil.

So we prepared this guide, you will know how the different veils for brides are called according to their length.

To choose the veil take into account the hairstyle you will wear and your height, this may affect the final length of the veil.

  • The length of the veil should be measured from the comb to the base.
  • Generally, veils have a width of 180 cm, consider it to complement your dress.

At this point, you know and learn the essentials you should know for taking the best choice when selecting your wedding dress, the type, the shade, the veil, and its length.

We hope you enjoyed this post and that you are able to get the perfect dress.

Also we would love to know if you know of any other tips to help the Dreamer community with this topic.

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See you in the following post! And… bye for now!

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