What is textile sublimation?


Dreamer, today we will tell you a little more about what is textile sublimation.

Sublimation is a printing process generated by printing on a special plotter.

This printing uses paper as a support and ink that reacts with heat.

Learn more about the process:

The process occurs when the ink printed on the paper rises through the heat of the plate, penetrates, and fixes itself on contact with the fabric fibers.

A plotter and inks exclusively for sublimation use must be considered to achieve this type of printing.


In addition to using the right garment or fabric, not all fabrics receive the sublimation ink correctly.

So we recommend using high-quality fabrics such as lycra, nylon, acetate, and 100% polyester fabrics.

Also, make sure that the images or digital files you use are of high resolution so that your printing results are the best.

The advantages:

Sublimation has some advantages that make it very attractive to apply in textile prints because when printing on the fabric, the image remains flat.

That is, the ink doesn’t leave contours or reliefs in the image, the sublimation process guarantees a better adherence to the color.

And the palette of colors that can be used is practically infinite.


And these prints still maintain vibrant colors and retain the original design even after use and washing.

Digital textile sublimation is an excellent option for customizing a variety of fabrics in different sizes.

They are used in the sports and fashion industry because of their high resolution.

Clothing brands use this technique, and today, it’s available to everyone with machines of different sizes and at affordable prices.

In addition, it has become popular because it offers excellent quality, the definition in prints, and a wide range of vivid colors.


So, if you aren’t work with this technique, we recommend you a lot. We assure you will love to work with.

Also, here we leave you the link to purchase your plotter and start to create amazing designs!

We hope this information has liked you so much and invite you to explore a different world to do your printing projects.

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