Zig-zag Stitch uses


Dreamer, in this post, we will talk to you about the zig-zag stitch uses. If you want to know the details, continue reading below.

Nowadays, even the most basic family sewing machines have zigzag stitch; its uses are so varied that it’s common to apply this stitch in different steps of your sewing projects.

With the zigzag stitch, we can finish fabric edges and decorations with appliqués, trimmings, and satin stitching…

Here, we show you what you can do with this stitch; remember that some of these applications must be made with a special presser foot.

Use the zig-zag stitch for:

Joining fabrics

It’s easy to fix two or more pieces of fabric using a zigzag stitch.


Finish seams

Using a zig-zag stitch help prevent fabric edges from fraying.


Use to attach an appliqué, sewing around the edge to attach it to the base fabric.


Decorative stitching

Add textures and accents with colored threads using zigzag stitch only.

Attaching elastic

Attach elastic to your projects easily with this stitch.

Create pleats

Pleating with a zigzag stitch, attach and cover cords to create wrinkles in the fabric.


Attach textures to cords, ribbons, tapes, and stamens. You can use special presser foot to do this:

5 or 7 hole cording presser foot.
Cording foot

If you are in México, we share with you the link of our friends at Casa Díaz. Here you can purchase different presser foot types.

Sewing buttons

Help attach different sizes of buttons using the special button foot.

Lace joining

Use the zigzag stitch to join lace on thin, lightweight fabrics with almost invisible stitches.


Create a wavy

The zig-zag stitch is ideal for creating a “wavy” or “lettuce-edge” hem on knitted and stretch fabrics with your family machine.

Monogram embroidery

Create monograms in any size or style by moving your fabric with the machine in free-motion mode.


Use a zigzag stitch and an openwork needle to create seams with small perforations that will decorate your fabrics.

We recommend you to use Schmetz needles, as we do.


Always test to adjust the stitch tension, stitch length and stitch width according to the type of fabric you will be sewing.

As you can see, this stitch has many applications, from the most basic to incredible decorations.

Make the most of it; make the zigzag stitch, and it uses the stars of your next sewing project.

We hope this post will help you so much to create new amazing projects! See you next. Bye for now!

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