Zig-zag stitches for elastic fabrics


Dreamer, if you select elastic fabrics for your following project, we recommend you use these 2 different zig-zag stitches.

A zig-zag stitch is exactly what it sounds like, a stitch that directs the thread in zig-zag lines rather than straight lines.

So, the primary purpose of a zig-zag stitch when stitching a seam:

Is to provide the fabric with more stretch than a straight stitch will allow.

Now let’s know which zig-zag stitch to use according to your sewing project with elastic fabrics.

Simple zig-zag stitch

Use this on seams will not have much tension.

  • As the sides seams or the seams on the fabric edges to avoid the fabric get unpicking.

Three step zig-zag stitch

This type of stitch is for seams with more elasticity, use a zigzag stitch when attaching elastic directly to fabric.


Using a zigzag will allow the elastic to stretch.

And will ensure that the entire elastic strip is attached if you adjust the width or your stitch to cover the entire band.

And notice that the fabric not only doesn’t gather as it did with the straight stitch, but it’s much more free to stretch.

Zig-zag stitches are also used in finishing edges after stitching and pressing a seam.

To achieve this, simply stitch a zig-zag stitch right on the edge of a seam allowance.

Remember that it’s essential when sewing elastic fabric, use stretch needles, because their ballpoint helps the needle pass between the fibers without breaking them.


On the other hand, if you use conventional needles, they can cut the threads of the fabric when sewing, creating tiny holes that damage your fabric.

As a tip if you don’t want to damage the elastic fabric…

When doing stretch fabric projects, allow the seams to settle for 24 hours.

This will prevent them form looking bulky and will look perfect, giving an excellent finish to your garment.

You should know that the stretch fabrics shouldn’t be ironed…

Just let the seams rest for the material to return to its original appearance.

Now you know which zig-zag stitch to use in your following project with elastic and stretch fabrics.

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